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In recognition of Fredrick C. Mannix’s lifetime contributions to business and the community, and to commemorate 100 years in business, the Mannix family made a one hundred million dollar charitable donation in 1998. One half of the donation served to endow the Carthy Foundation, which supports national and regional initiatives focused on youth leadership development and environmental sustainability. The remaining funds were donated to various charities across the country.

In 1997, Ron Mannix founded and endowed The Norlien Foundation  (re-branded Palix Foundation in 2015), a private charitable foundation which continues to work in the areas of early childhood development, addiction, and mental health. Norlien also established The Alberta Family Wellness Initiative, centered on connecting and integrating the science, policy, and practice communities within a framework of epigenetics and developmental and behavioral neurosciences.

In keeping with his passion for music, the environment and his commitment to improving the lives of all Canadians, Ron Mannix funded and endowed a third philanthropic foundation in 2015. The new foundation, yet to be named, will support and develop environmental and community initiatives, in addition to assisting the efforts of the National Music Centre and the associated refurbishment of the historically significant King Edward Hotel in Calgary’s East Village. The music center will become a national icon, and a place to amplify the love, sharing and understanding of music.

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