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About Us

Coril Holdings™

Coril is an active asset manager of a strategic portfolio of financial investments and the following wholly-owned portfolio companies:

Coril is committed to delivering strong shareholder returns by actively managing a well-balanced portfolio to achieve a blend of capital appreciation and cash yield.  

Our approach involves continuous analysis of the various components of our portfolio, and assessing our portfolio against the backdrop of the macro environment we operate in.  This rigorous analysis enables us to understand the key drivers of returns and set realistic financial targets tailored to the realities of our portfolio companies.  Leveraging these insights, we make informed capital allocation and reallocation decisions to optimize returns.

A Family Legacy

Coril is focused on strategically developing its assets through prudent capital allocation, fostering a values-based corporate culture and leveraging our reputation. Our employees, management teams and Board Directors are committed to creating, inspiring and supporting world-class socially and environmentally responsible businesses that transcend generations.

Learn more about Coril's Culture and legacy.

Coril and its predecessors have a 126-year history in family business spanning four generations of Shareholders. 


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