Core Values

Coril’s Core Values are shaped by creativity, passion, and authenticity and aim to enhance the personal growth and development of our people and ensure long-term success of our companies.


We balance our corporate, individual, family, and societal responsibilities for greater fulfillment, growth, and success for all stakeholders.


We demonstrate respect for all things, valuing and considering the opinions, circumstances, and views of others. We treat people, property and the environment with dignity and respect at all times.


We are ethical, transparent, loyal, trustworthy, and believe in authenticity in everything we say and do.


We actively and creatively seek and encourage corporate growth opportunities, as well as personal and professional growth and lifetime learning for all our people.


We are truthful and respectful, open and transparent, corporately and individually.


We work together creatively as a team toward common goals. We respect and support each other and continually strive to have fun, while maintaining and improving our corporate culture.