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Denise currently leads AIMCo’s Business Technology team as Chief Technology Officer to leverage the technology and data of the organization to invest on behalf of AIMCo’s clients more efficiently.  She held previous positions as Chief Technology Officer at both a financial institution and energy infrastructure company, where she was responsible for technology, innovation, and engineering as well as infrastructure operations and architecture respectively.  With an enthusiasm for innovation, Ms. Man has also worked on artificial intelligence research, the development of the 64-bit Itanium microprocessor, intellectual property licensing, and technology transformations.  Denise is the proud owner of seven patents and several publications with the US Patent Office. She is a member of the Mount Royal University Board of Governors and the Board of Directors for the National Music Centre and was elected to the Board of Directors of Coril Holdings Ltd, on December 1, 2022.  She also serves as a coach and mentor to others interested in careers in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM) and is committed to people, inclusion, and a safe and healthy workplace.

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Denise Man

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