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Mr. Stephen B. Mannix is Executive Chair of Coril and since 2018 has been Managing Director of Loram Pty Ltd, the Australian subsidiary of Loram Maintenance of Way, Inc., a leading supplier of track maintenance services and equipment around the globe. He was formerly Executive Managing Director of Triovest Capital, where he was responsible for developing and driving various principal investment strategies to generate superior returns in Canadian real estate for Triovest and its partners. Prior to this, as President & CEO of the predecessor to Triovest Inc., Stephen led the growth of a commercial real estate portfolio with strategic partners, and he co-led the unification of Coril’s real estate entities in 2016. He has been a Director of Triovest Inc. and its predecessor since 2015.

Stephen is an active member of the Law Society of Alberta, having previously practiced law in the financial services group with a leading Canadian law firm. His prior experience includes working in various other capacities in other industries within and outside the Coril Group including energy, investment management, construction and agriculture. Through his career, he has worked and studied in nine cities in three countries. Stephen holds a Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) degree from the University of Victoria and a Bachelor of Laws degree from the University of Calgary.

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Stephen B Mannix

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